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New Statewide Asthma Management Plan


443049-FINAL AsthmaManagementPlans sm

The Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition (InJAC) are pleased to announce that the Asthma Management Plan (AMP) has been approved as an option for all Indiana schools, and we have received a grant from The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) to conduct statewide training!

An asthma management plan is a written plan that you develop with your doctor to help control your asthma.

The plan shows your daily treatment, such as what kind of medicines to take and when to take them. It describes how to control asthma long term AND how to handle worsening asthma, or attacks. The plan also explains when to call the doctor or go to the emergency room.

If your child has asthma, all of the people who care for him or her, such as their school nurse and other school administrators, should know about the child's asthma management plan.  This also includes babysitters and workers at daycare centers, and camps. These caretakers can help your child follow his or her plan.

The approved plan can be found HERE, and an editable PDF can be found HERE We will continue to keep all of our coalition  members updated on the implementation status  and on how you can assist in your area of the state.

TRANSLATIONS JUST IN!  The translated versions of the AMP are available for usage! Please click for SPANISH,KAREN, and CHIN translations.  

Winning with Asthma


The Coach's Asthma Clipboard WINNING WITH ASTHMA


The highly recommended "Winning With Asthma" , is a program designed to educate sports coach's about the effects of asthma in today athletes.  Visit to become an asthma educated coach.

online inhaler training

Online inhaler training for Asthma patients and Health Professionals

As a part of patient education program, an interactive audio-visual inhaler training program is available Free for Asthma and COPD patients.
Here is the link:

The inhaler training is available for 10 inhalers in English and Spanish - MDI (with Spacer, closed mouth and open mouth), Diskus, Autohaler, Flexhaler, Handihaler, Accuhaler, Twisthaler, Aerolizer, Neohaler and Respimat.


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